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How to choose prom dresses as a plump girl?

by VvDresses

How to chooseprom dresses as a plump girl?

If you are obese above the waist it is better to choose the stiff fabrics and stable colors, such as satin. If your curve of the lower part of the body is not perfect theA-Line Prom dress or Ball Gown dress can be your first choice. The style must be simple and avoid the complicated details. The vertical clip and concise lace will make you look slimmer. Too many embellishments will cause the opposite visual effect and give us the burdensome feeling. To attract the attention from the lower part of the bust to the upper we should select the v-neck prom dress, low strapless prom dress, empire prom dress and concise dresses and enrich the neckline embellishments.

1. Matte Satin: the key to avoid the obese body is to choose the stiff and thick satin. Not to mention the fat waist or the ass.

2. The wise selection is empire formal dress and lowstrapless prom dress: if you are plump at waist and bust please chooses the empire style so that you can avoid the whole of your waist. Make your leg slender.

3. Sleeve evening dresses: the other one defect for the plump girls is their thick arms and armpits. It is so bad to be exposed to the open air. So don’t save the fabrics for the manufacturers. Make a sleeve formal dress to hide the defect.

4. No decoration on the waist: prom dressesusually add handmade flowers and beadings but for the plump girls it is better to avoid too many embellishments on the waist. The embellishments can attract people’s attention and at the same time they will notice your thick waist. So cut down the embellishments on waist and less attention.

5. Slight swing dress: please pay attention: “slight”. One or two steel rings are enough. Don’t select too fluffy swing dresses if not the person who want to approach you must be shoved for a distance.

6. Select the soft long veil for your wedding dress: you must guess where you need to avoid. Yes! That is your plump face! The soft long veil is the most effect way no matter when you take a photo or in the ceremony occasion. Learn more about dress, please come to And also choose different dresses for any occasion, such as evening dresses, formal dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses. etc.

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